Discovery Flight


This is “THE PERFECT GIFT” for him or her, or use it for yourself!!! 

You arrive at our office, get your flight briefing, go out and preflight the airplane. Now the fun begins! We jump into the airplane, fasten our seatbelts and do our preflight preparations in the cockpit. Start the engine and let’s taxi to the runway after getting our clearance from Hagerstown Control Tower. Now it’s your turn! Taxi onto the runway and you will grab the control wheel. Left hand on the control wheel, right hand on the throttle. Now push the throttle all the way forward because it is time to fly. You will take the airplane into the air with the guidance of one of our instructors as you realize, “Hey, I am flying this airplane.” as the nerves and anxiousness turn to excitement, you realize that “I can do this.” We head North along Interstate 81 as we climb higher and higher. We will pass over Greencastle and Chambersburg as we enjoy the thrill of soaring like an Eagle. Upon reaching Chambersburg, you will turn the plane around and head us back towards Hagerstown. You will begin descending us back to the earth as we pass by Greencastle once again. When we can see the airport and are just a few hundred feet above the ground, we will take over the controls and land the plane. Don’t forget to judge us on our landing, since that is what most people will remember! Let’s taxi back to the hangar, put the plane away and call it a day, because you just flew your very first airplane!

How Much and What's Included

You and a Passenger

Your own Logbook to Record the Event

Just $110

*Restrictions and limitations apply*

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